How to Create an Affiliate Website

We show how to identify profitable affiliate product, research best ad and landing page and implement ultra fast landing page in SwipePages.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that many digital marketers use to bring in extra income. They don’t have to spend any money upfront and are compensated for their work by receiving a commission on every affiliate sale. The popularity of this method is what makes it so appealing for some businesses, but this strategy does have its drawbacks. There are a few things you should be prepared for if you’re considering joining the field as an affiliate marketer. Most importantly, there is the need to consistently push products and services through all possible online mediums and commit yourself to pushing the work process as much as you can not just because that will likely result in higher profits later on, but also because your chances of succeeding are significantly higher if you do so.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll spend a lot of time making relationships, creating marketing content, and promoting your brand. It’s more than blogging, vlogging, and reviewing products. It’s more than building a search-optimized site. It’s more than trendspotting and finding your niche.

Affiliate marketing is benefits all parties involved. Advertisers, publishers, and customers alike will get something from this type of relationship. If you provide a service or product, affiliate marketing is a convenient way to sell more with a smaller outlay than traditional advertising. Publishers have a way to earn money without stocking a product, and customers can find what they’re looking for while supporting sites they find helpful.

Affiliate marketing is big business. Affiliate revenue may be considerable and may match or surpass your regular income. Without you even realizing it, affiliate links have probably earned billions of dollars for companies without any of the work on their end. It is a profitable business and allows for passive income once your website takes off. But how do you create an affiliate website? In this article we will show you how to become successful affiliate.

To set up successful affiliate website, we need:

  • information what to sell
  • have fast landing page builder

Where to find which affiliate products sell?

There are two ways to become affiliate site, either by joining:

  • Affiliate program or
  • Affiliate network.

Affiliate program is run by individual company, like Amazon Associate, GoCopy or Outranking. Affiliate network has thousants of affiliate products to choose from. Clickbank is begginer friendly affiliate network. Other networks are ClickDealer, Gotzha, MaxBounty and others. I advise you to pick one and stay with that network, because each network has its own rules regarding payout. Clickbank will payout after 5 successful sales from different people. Gotzcha has minimum payout of $1000 and ClickDealer has minimum of $500. You do now want to end up with affiliate commission below minimum treshold at several networks.

If you want to create successful affiliate website, you need information, which ads are currently selling. Succesfull affiliates are using spying tool like Anstrex. Such tools reveal:

  • which offers are selling
  • best creative ads
  • what kind of landing pages are being used
  • where campaign is running
  • history and current CPC 

Without such tool you are blind and just throwing money randomly with mediocre conversion rate and without real chances for success. For example, at Clickbank affiliate dashboard we can look at product page for Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, the leading product in Health & Fitness niche from Clickbank. Affiliate marketer earns an average payout of $137 for each sale.

Leading offer for Health and Fitness at Clickbank

If we apply for the promotion, we will receive affiliate link. Somethink like:


Such link may look ugly and we may use shortener. I am using Bl.ink that allows me to track number of clicks. It also supports dynamic linking, that is super important for Amazon affiliates. Besides generic B.link domain, I can also use my own domain, like workrmtly. I can easily convert “ugly” link like 3c9e2g35pz0x9s35lkw9pz0x7u.hop.clickbank.net to something like b.link/tonic or we.workrmtly.com/tonic.

Due to generous affiliate commision there are many affiliate marketers running campaign. We can use available information to understand, what kind of ads and landing pages work for this product. As affiliate partner, we may present our self as potential affiliate and ask for additional marketing material. We may also ask for key demographic data like conversion rates for different age groups. We may learn, that target audience is, say, female between 35 and 50 years of age.

Anstrex shows different ads used for Okinawa Flat Belly

We can compare different creatives and their landing pages. We can use A/B testing to determine, which creative works best.

Bellow is an example of landing page. There are see some sliced lemon being simmered. We are curious, what are this lemons? What is story behind? How are old women losing weight without starving? We want to know more.

Landing page for similar product with less competition

Anstrex also display statistics, like how long creative has been marketed and indicate cost per click.

Claim Your Discount

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Anstrex helps you discover hidden or cloaked landing pages. Sometimes affiliate marketers shows bad lander, but the one that are really using is being hidden.

Once we understand, what hind of creative and landing page is working, we can proceed implementing landing page. I recomend Swipepages website builder that allows you to build super fast pages, based upon Google AMP technology. Google Search Engine likes AMP technology.

Swipe Pages is a marketing automation platform that offers a variety of tools for marketers to develop, test and track campaigns. In addition to the platform, their team is also filled with amazing and talented individuals who are able to communicate with their customers in the most effective ways. There are many things that I like about Swipepages affiliate platform:

  • Their interface is very easy to use. It’s straightforward and it is definitely beginner-friendly.
  • They made sure that the code that their builder generates is clean so loading on mobile will be fast. Other landing page builders I’ve used in the past use CSS positioning, which ends up ruining the code of the page and would end up slowing down load time on mobile devices.
  • Their customer support with them goes above and beyond to help you out when you have any confusion or need clarification or if there are any technical difficulties at all!

Benefits of using Swipe Pages as your landing page platform are:

  • Benefits of using Swipe Pages as your landing page platform:
  • Everything you want is at your fingertips – templates, integrations, A/B testing, blazing fast CDN.
  • Superfast and reliable web host.
  • Integration with Mailchimp, SendFox, Encharge. Integration with AWeber is coming
  • There is no need for hosting provider like Bluehost.

SwipePages has ton of templates that can speed up implementation of a landing page. For example, we can reuse Webinar template to collect email and run retargeting campaign.

Available templates in SwipePages

It took me 15 minutes to create simple landing page and publish it. For testing purposes we can use default SwipePages domain. If I would advertise at social media like Facebook, I would be extra careful as Facebook doesn’t like certain claims like “weight loss” and may restrict or ban our account. However, we can buy domain and install landing page on our own domain. We can put many landing pages on one domain.

Draft of landing page, created in 15 minutes with SwipePages

SwipePages has many predefined blocks available like count-down counter and email form submission. We can integrate it with Encharge. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic producer has already prepared series of three emails that we may use for retargeting. It is easy to set up such campaign in Encharge.

Landing page is super fast. That means faster load, less bounce and better conversion. For affiliates, better conversion is everything. Google Speed Test shows mobile score of 97%.

Google Speed Test of draft landing page

Where to Buy Traffic for Your Affiliate Site?

Now, that you have created your landing page you need to promote it. If your offer is special, you can promote it on social media like Facebook. Facebook allows for extra granular selection of audience. For example, you may target males, between 40 and 60 years old, with interest in dogs. You can try different narrow selection to see which audience convert best.

If your offer appeals to general public, you may buy traffic from advertisement netwroks like RichPush, Zeropark, PropellerAds, etc. These sources tend to be much cheaper than Facebook and generally do not ban accounts in case of non-compliant ad.

There are three different kinds of ads:

  • Pop ads
  • Pushed ads
  • Native ads

For Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic native and pushed ads would probably work. For native ads we may slightly modify landing page to look more similar to newspaper article. For pushed ads above concept may work, I would just extend it a bit. Because some people buy impulsively, while other need a bit more arguments. A bit longer landing page would serve them better.