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25 Best Work From Home Jobs

We all know how fun it can be to have a work-at-home job. You can telecommute from your home and have enjoy flexible working hours. To help you find the right for you, we put together this list of 25 home-based jobs to help you earn money online. Some work from home jobs are entry-level. You can apply immediately without prior experience. Other jobs may require certain skills and I will do my best to point you to the right direction to obtain these skills. These jobs tend to pay much better salary. Some remote careers are less know and you may take advantage of that.

37 percent of U.S. jobs can be performed entirely at home.
(Jonathan I. Dingel and Brent NeimanIn, published in National Bureau of Economic Resear ch)

Covid-19 pandemic may go away, but shift toward remote work is not going away. Companies realized working from anywhere:

  • provide massive costs savings,
  • smaller investments in property,
  • lesser traveling costs,
  • more satisfied work force and
  • increased performance.

Shift is permanent. On the other side, people are enjoying flexibility, either to be with their families or freedom to be wandering digital nomads. Companies that will fail to adapt will have trouble obtaining most talented workers. Fujitsu made employee survey that has revealed, that 85% of their workers would like to become part or full time remote workers.

Best Remote Careers for You:

1. Software developer

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Number of remote positions for software developers is rising as due to Covid 19 pandemic more and more software companies embracing remote working. Needs of customers are changing. Companies need to be agile and have to embrace cutting-edge technology. Banks hire developers to build the best apps. Retailers seek recommendations. Marketing departments find tools that streamline their work.

The challenge that every e-commerce business faces is finding and retaining brilliant developers. According to Stackoverflow 2020 study, there is the biggest demand for following programming languages:

  • – JavaScript
  • – HTML/CSS
  • – SQL
  • – Python
  • – Java

According to Stackoverflow, programmers using Perl, Scala, Go and Rust are getting the biggest paychecks. Learning more than one language will help you differentiate from the others. You will be able to grab more open opportunities and get remote job quicker.

Tech companies are known to support remote working as they are used to virtual meetings and technology like Zoom and they know that remote employees have higher productivity.

2. Content Writter

Content writers are expert writers in their niche and they wright content for online blogs and other websites. “The content writers usually receive article brief and are required to do background research and write the article.

As background research and writing does not require office work, content writers can do their job from anywhere. They usually work as a freelancers and are paid per article or per thousands of words. Latest technology like:

  • Artificial intelligence writers like ShortlyAI
  • Dictation software like Nuance Dragon
  • Spell and grammar checkers like Linguix

Entry level freelance writers can earn around $30 per article while expert content writers earn more than $60 per article. Content writing is suitable part time job for college students that would like to earn some extra cash.

3. SEO Expert

Website may have the best possible content, but it does not help, if nobody ever visits it. When people search for particular keyword, search engines like Google or Bing display pages of results. Most people check results on first page. They usually visit one of the first three pages and don’t bother with the rest.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO experts make sure, that Google and Bing browsers rank website and display it as high s possible. Ideally on the first page. SEOs check keywords for niche and recomend clients regarding:

  • Selection and segmentation of keywords
  • How to structure website
  • Select individual keywords for individual pages
  • Optimize content on pages
  • Suggest best strategy of obtaining backlinks (other websites that refer to our website)

SEO experts help clients to achieve more traffic and remove any past penalties from Google. According to Payscale, average pay for SEO expert is $50,348 per year.

4. Social and Marketers

Every day, 45% of the world’s population uses social media. With that many people uploading photos and creating content about their lives, brand campaigns are essential parts of businesses’ digital marketing strategies. Social media platforms are ideal place for interaction with customers. As result there are many remote job opportunities for social marketers and media managers is increasing.

Social marketers need to understand subtle differences between social platforms and choose apropriate strategy. Social media manager need to be proficient with different social media accounts. Not every platform is suitable for each campaign. For example, Pinterest is very visual platform. It may increase awareness for products that are in trend or with good design. Twitter is good for building followers. Company page on Facebook helps establishing brand.

According to Payscale digital marketing specialist earn $49,000 per year, while digital marketing manager earns $63,000.

5. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers promote products and services. Promotion can be organic through blogs or paid advestisements.

Bloggers can promote various products on their blogs. Amazon Affiliate programme is most wide-spread among bloggers as Amazon covers all niches. Bloggers may either import links manually or they can use Amazon API. In order to grant access to their API, Amazon requires marketers to sell at least 3 products. This may be catch 21 game as most Affiliate plugins require API access. Ama Links Pro and WZone are two premium plugins that can work without API access.

Affiliates that promote products using paid advertisement are using special form of websites – landing pages. Sometimes they are called sales funnels. They can be build using WordPress or special software like Swipe Pages, Unbounce, ClickFunnels and others. They advertise on Facebook, Google, Bing and others. Typically it takes 25 to 50 paid visitors to make single purchase. Affiliate marketers make everything possible to increase this number as their profit depends on it. The most succesfull marketes can make more than $1.000 per day.

6. Blogger

Woman blogger works on a laptop.

If you like frelancing and being your own boss, blogging may be perfect for you. It is combination of content writer, digital marketer and SEO expert. It may take some time, before you will see results, but once your blog takes off, it may be very profitable.

There are a lot of bloggers, so selecting right niche and getting right tools is essential. Latest technology developements like:

  • Keywords research tools like KWfinder
  • Keywords segmentation tools like KeyWordsCupid and KeyWordsInsights
  • AI writing tools like ShortlyAI
  • SEO research and optimization tools like Frase and MarketMuse

may help you be more efficient and reach your goals faster. You will also need good training. UC Davis in colaboration with Coursera has some really good trainings.

Beginners earn around $20 per 1000 visitors, while experienced bloggers earn between $60 and $100 per 1000 visitors. They earn more, because with bigger traffic they are able to secure more profitable advertisers like Mediavine and because they are able to find better affiliate opportunities. But, do not worry, the key to success is doing good research and writing excellent content. With good content, traffic will arrive. Getting better affiliate links is the easier part of equation.

7. Web Developer

A web developer is someone who designs and develops websites. They create the user interface, functionality, back-end working system and anything else it needs to work properly. Web developers may focus on:

  • Front-end web development or
  • Back-end web development

Full-stack web developers are able to do both and can take senior positions like team lead and may be responsible for the design of the application.

Because of high demand, web developers can also remote working. While full stack developer is not an entry level position, it is one of the highest paid jobs that you can do from home.

According to Stackoverflow, jQuery is still the king of Web Frameworks, but React.js and Angular are gaining momentum. Rust, TypeScript, Python and Koitlin are the most loved languages, while VBA and Objective-C are the most dreaded.

According to Indeed, average salary of Web Developer is $74,895 per year. Full stack developer earn more than $100,000 per year.

8. Application Tester

People are creating and releasing new apps and software every day. These apps depend on the benefits it can offer to users and how smoothly it works. These two factors are dependent on the evaluation, tests, and assessments conducted on it through a process called application testing. Software developers shouldn’t try to do app testing by themself without a pro application tester. It’s not worth their time. They are not experts for program’s functionality or user interface. Professional testers mainly focus on parts with which the user interacts most as well as integration of the system in order for them to meet specific requirements or verification purposes.

Professional testers need to have many skills in specific areas. They need to be able to communicate properly. They need to be able express and understand what needs to be done. Another important thing they should have is decision-making skills, which people with experience usually possess. Testers also should have knowledge of application development frameworks and knowledge of different languages that can help them test the software they are working on more effectively or efficiently.

According to Glassdoor, application tester on average have annual paycheck of $77,753.

9.Actuarial Analyst

If you fancy math actuarial analyst might be your dream job. It is one of the least known professions. Actuaries are proficient in statistics. Insurance companies rely on them to calculate required premium and the proper provisions. Professional bodies like CAS and SOA in US and Faculty and Institute of Actuaries in UK are providing remote training to those who wish to qualify.

Actuaries in greater demand because insurance companies need to implement new standards like new accounting standard IFRS17. They need actuaries to implement new capital models to use capital more efficiently. They predict future claims in order to assess the need for reinsurance.

If you have programming skills and you are able to learn actuarial software, like Prophet, or have knowledge of tools like R and VBA, you will have no problem finding remote work. Daily rates for consultants working on actuarial projects are between $500 and $1,000.

According to recruitment firm DW Simpson, entry actuarial student with 4 exams earn around $68.000. Associates earn between $100,000 and $200,000, depending upon their experience.

10. Cyber Security Expert

Father works home with his daughter

Cyber Security Experts aim to prevent attacks on computers, software, intelligent devices, or networks. You will be responsible for penetration tests, inspecting software code or conducting risk assessment. You will do everything in your power to prevent cyber threats. The latest trend in cyber crime is social engineering.

As Cyber Security Expert, you’ll be able to try new things every day to learn more about technology and cyber security! You may also participate in ethical hacker bounties.

According to Ziprecruiter, average cyber security expert earns $111,052, with 25% percentil at $82,000 and $128,000.

11. UX Designer

A UX Designer is focused on creating a user experience for a product or service. Their work touches the entire end-to-end development and use of a product, and includes identification of new markets and opportunities for users.

UX Designer need to understand, how customers will use product. This is important during design phase to understand customer requirements and during implementation phase to design good user interface.

UX Designers are hybrid between graphic designers, marketers, project managers and software developers. They need to have strong project management skills in order to properly document requirements for application developers. On the other hand they need to produce beautiful graphic design and functional products.

According to PayScale, UX Designers have average annual wage of $74,603.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help executives by scheduling their meetings, answering their emails, managing their contact lists, edit their travel expenses, and do other administrative tasks for them. They can work for different industries such as health care, legal, government and finance.

YouTubers, content creators on other social media, influencers and affiliate marketers are increasingly looking for virtual assistants to scale up their operations.

Companies that do not have physical office space are specially interested in hiring virtual assistants. You can own a virtual assistant business or be remote worker for a service firm.

According to Indeed, virtual assistants make on average $19.03 per hour.

13. Psychologist or Mental Counselor

Psychologists and counselors work with individual patients to improve their mental well-being. They use a variety of diagnostic skills to determine the problem at hand, then help the individual develop a treatment plan to set them on the right track toward recovery. A sound psychiatric diagnosis is often critical in these cases and can make or break an individual’s treatment progress. In many cases, it is important to be able to differentiate between maladaptive behavior related problems like substance abuse versus more serious conditions like psychotic disorders.

While you know the importance of privacy and confidentiality for your counseling sessions, that private environment may be difficult to ensure when you have staff working from home or school is closed. Be certain that not only is your place private, but that others cannot see it from the outside looking in.

Licensing requirements may vary from state to state. Professional bodies like American Counseling Association or American Psychological Association are providing detailed licensing requirements. They also offer continuing education opportunities for psychologists and counselors so that you can keep your skills sharp between trainings.

Typical rate for Individual Counseling & Relationship Counseling is from $75-$175 per person per session.

14. Wedding Videographer

Due to Covid-19 pandemic couples had to scale down their wedding plans. Some have decided to elope. But they would like to keep memories, so many are opting to have videographer shooting their wedding.

In order to become wedding videographer, you need to:

  • be director and know how you will put once in lifetime event on film and direct bride and groom
  • be director of photography and choose proper lightening and lenses
  • be camera operator and know how to shoot
  • be editor and produce beautiful cut

It is exhausting, but very rewarding career. You help fulfilling dreams. Mid level videographer will charge around $2,400 for 8 hours of shooting, editing and delivery of wedding film.

15. Bookkeeper

Due to remote access to a company’s financial documents and online bookkeeping software, bookkeeper can remotely keep track of the financial records of a company. There is little need to be on site. A bookkeeper has the responsibility to maintain accurate financial accounts through the collection, summarizing, and reporting of business finances. Many professionals who work from home as bookkeepers prefer to work for small businesses and sole proprietorships since they are more likely to allow employees flexibility in scheduling.

Becoming a bookkeeper requires an understanding of accounting principles as well as familiarity with basic legal aspects like fraud, tax law, and bankruptcy court proceedings. Accounting programs are offered at 2-year colleges across the country which provides students with an overview of the major concepts in accounting such as accrual-basis accounting rules and double-entry procedures. Externships are also common because they allow students to become immersed in the world of finance before they start to work independently. Bookkeeper is good starting point for career path to become accountant.

Typical hourly rate for bookkeeper is between $15-$25.

16. Accountants

Financial accountants are expert bookkeepers who certify that a company’s books are in good shape. By planning budgets, accountants can ensure that the financial stability of the company is preserved financially and that expenses documented on paper reflect actual costs. Accountants keep companies financially healthy. They review financial accounts for a company to create documents of account or financial statements and are financial backbone of any company. They help business owners and managers make educated decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Their advice is essential for planning budgets and projecting future business expenses.

Company needs to have its finances in order, but many forget that it’s not just about their own budgeting. When a company grows, everything needs to be looked at from an outside perspective because it can get overwhelming otherwise. For instance, if production is more expensive than anticipated, company may need to consider lowering prices or finding new ways of cutting costs such as reducing staff hours or even outsourcing some tasks completely. Hiring an accountant now will save company time and money in the future.

Accountants need solid understanding of accounting principles and be familiar with tax and reporting legislation. According to indeed,

accountants have $54.994 of average annual salary .

17. Online Tutor

Homeschooling is experiencing a large uptick in interest these days with the number of computer-based learning programs available for today’s youth. Are you one of these new homeschoolers? If not, maybe you’re an experienced homeschooler still looking to enhance your child’s education. In either case, there are more job postings for online tutors than ever before.

The majority of online tutoring jobs do not require a specific certification or degree, but they do expect experience and education from the applicant. Most well-paying online tutor positions require a bachelor’s degree with previous teaching or tutoring experience under your belt. Current college students who would like to pick up a few hours of tutoring during breaks to earn some extra cash may post ads to local communities or job posting sites.

For many, English is a second language. As children get older, they may need to improve their language skills in order to succeed academically or professionally. Their parents may struggle to help children practice their English at home. Online tutoring offers a very convenient and inexpensive option for help. It can be done from the convenience of their own home with immediate feedback so that parents know if their child is making progress.

According to Payscale, online tutor make on average $19.65 per hour. Expert tutors that are preparing for advance exams like SAT can charge up to $60 per hour.

18. Home Care Nurse

Home care nurses are in-home healthcare professionals who treat patients through regular visits to their homes. Nurses assess wounds and preventatives, perform wound care treatments when necessary, change dressings, write reports on the patient’s condition, and communicate with patients’ physicians after each visit. Besides working on field, home nurses may also communicate with patients remotely.

The personal relationship of an in-home nurse with their patient brings a major benefit to the family. Many families also find home care significantly cheaper than nursing home care. As result, demand for home care nurses is on the rise. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for registered nurses will grow 7% between 2019 and 2029.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Home health nurses with the RN credential earn a median annual salary of $73,300.

19. Data Entry

Data entry requires:

  • Computer skills – knowledge of working with a computer and familiarity with using a keyboard for long periods of time.
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination – you will be typing all the data on screen. The quicker you type, the more money you make.
  • Attention to detail – this job calls for high level accuracy, which is a must for this job as small errors will cost your money and reputation and you may lose customers in the process.

You don’t need a lot to start data entry job. Computer, keyboard and good Internet connection will do. You can even ask your family, friends, or even neighbors for help in this area. If you have to buy a new computer, it will probably cost under $200 at Best Buy. Most people prefer laptops these days because they are more portable than desktops or “tower” models. As long as the basics are taken care of, you’ll be good to go! Just learn to type fast.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry level data entry keyers earn $10.37 per hour, while their more experienced collegues earn up to $22.24 per hour.

20. Transcriptionist

While some industries use artificial intelligence software to record spoken words, there are industries where computers are simply not accurate enough. Examples are medical coders and legal transcriptionist.

Basic transcriptionist may be entry level job that require good ears and fast typing skills. But with experience and some training you may apply to opening jobs that pays better, like medical or legal transcriptionist. Both of them require absolute accuracy. If you transcribe some words wrongly, patient may die or outcome of legal case may be different. You will be able to secure higher paying jobs, but your work will be cross-checked by other transcriptionist in order to verify accuracy. With experience you will also be able to secure your own clients and earn more.

According to Glassdoor, legal transcriptionist earn average salary $35,794 per year.

21. Medical Coder

Medical coder translate medical documentation into standardized, computer friendly. Medical codes are designed to save you time and make it easier for you to report what services, treatments, and supplies were provided for your patient. They help your payers know the medical necessity of the care you provided so they can reimburse or deny payments accordingly.

The challenge, however, is that there are thousands of conditions. Diseases also have hundreds of causes and alternative names for every one of them. There are also several services performed by the providers themselves. Each procedure then has an additional set of descriptions, long lists of acronyms, and multitudes of names written in multiple languages.

Salary of medical coder is regionally dependent. On West Coast median wage is $62,685 per year, while on East Coast it is $53,664 according to AAPC training organization. AAPC also provides comprehensive guide on how to become medical coder. Certification will help you get more prospective clients and higher wage.

22. Animator

Marketers love animated videos for commercials. Companies use animated whiteboards for customer presentations. Movie studios are hiring animation artists. In order to become animation artist, you need good drawing skills and have appropriate computer equipment like Cintiq graphic pad. As being artist, working from home is natural and being flexible regarding working hours. Many storyboard artists work from home.

Applying for internship is easiest way to break into animation industry. You gain skills and experience and build some contacts that will be invaluable once you move out. If you are determined to start remotely, you need to build solid portfolio that will convince studios to give you opportunity.

According to Glassdoor, animators have median salary of $68,222.

23. Photo Editor

Wedding industry is brutal. During season wedding photographers shoot weddings almost every week. As many couples has postpone their plans due to social distancing, next year demand may sky rocket. Time is main limiting factor for wedding photographers. If they can outsource editing, they can shoot more weddings.

Typical wedding photographer shoot 1600 photography per event. Photo editor needs to cull out 400 best ones and edit them. Typical charge is 8 cents per culling and 30 cents per edit making around $250 per wedding. Four hour work per week can increase your family budget for $1,000 per month.

Frequently customers are asking for corrections like removal of glasses flair, getting rid of that ugly socks, removing ex-partner etc. If you are skilled with Photoshop, you may charge much more for retouch service. Wedding photographers are especially looking for editors that are able to provide services on short notice and can guarantee consistency.

24. Destination Wedding Photographer

With Covid-19 pandemic, many couples have change their plans. More couples decide to either elopeor choose destination weddings with smaller audience. But, couples don’t want to loose memories on their very special day. Therefore photographer is something they don’t want to compromise on.

As destination wedding photographer you need to travel with planes and make sure that your essential gear arrives safely. You need to choose your equipment carefully in order to pack light.

Typical fee for destination wedding shooting is $3,000, plus travel expenses. Extra benefit is that you see extraordinary places.

25. Real Estate Agent

Becoming licensed real estate agent is a lucrative opportunity. You need to do it right and offer the best service possible. This career has many benefits, like flexible hours, being your own boss and ability to earn extra income.

Education is important for real estate agents because it’ll teach you about the industry and give you a better sense of what’s needed to close a deal. If you don’t have a license, then your chances of closing large deals or handling complex situations are slim to none. On the other hand, investing in a real estate license gives your business more leverage by handling more and larger deals.

Real estate agents also need to stay up-to-date with all the changes in the industry. This includes changes in tax laws, legislation, how property is assessed, how much money there is for marketing etc. You can only handle so many projects at one time as an agent without having further education and knowledge on this side of real estate investing and its related aspects.

Typical commission for residential real estate is between 3 and 7 percent. If there are several agents involved, like seller and buyer agent, than commission needs to be split between them.