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Why You Should Become a Destination Wedding Videographer?

Demand for destination wedding videographers is booming. Learn how to capture intimate affairs that can take place anywhere in the world!

You want to be a destination wedding videographer, but you are not sure if it’s the right profession for you. The market for traditional wedding videography is quite saturated and competitive. The market can be difficult at times because many do not know what they want or how to ask. So make your dream come true by trying something new with breakthroughs elopements (and destination shoots)!

You can still have a successful business with elopement and destination videos if you offer something different than your competition. Eloping couples prefer them over traditional wedding videos because they are more affordable, intimate, and flexible in terms of location and date – neither the bride and groom nor their families have to spend time planning an event, while giving themselves time off before starting another big project like life together as husband and wife! Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with the younger generation who love to travel the world on their honeymoon.

Most elopement and destination videographers do not offer elopement videos or destination videos for purchase. You can create an elopement video package and a destination wedding video package.

Elopements or destination weddings can be sold as a two-part package: elopement video followed by destination wedding video. Your elopement video should introduce your eloping couple with pre elopement photos, the elopement process, elopement locations, and honeymoon photos, while the destination wedding video should show the bride and groom’s journey to the wedding location, pre-ceremony preparations, photos during the ceremony and reception, and honeymoon photos afterward.

Traditional elopement and destination videography markets are not yet saturated enough, which means elopement and destination videographers can have their own niche and still be successful. Breakthroughs offer a more affordable wedding videography as they are intimate, flexible in terms of location and date, and do not require extensive planning or a lot of time from the bride and groom as well as their families. Micro weddings are also becoming increasingly popular, especially with the younger generation who love to travel the world.

Why Demand for Elopement Videography  is Booming?

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Elopement wedding videography has become a booming industry in recent years, and elopement weddings are becoming more popular. So what makes elopements so special? Well for starters, elopements are intimate affairs that can take place anywhere in the world. Couples elope to be together with only their closest family members and friends present- which means you have the opportunity to capture an even more personal event than your average wedding!

Traditional wedding videos have a definite formula. Couples are filmed in their best clothes, cutting a traditionally styled cake, and posing for photos. It all looks so perfect. Elopement videos are an entirely different animal. They’re less choreographed and planned out, which means elopement videographers can capture the real moments of a couple eloping together- like when an eloping bride dances into her car to “Go All The Way” in the rain. As an elopement videographer you have endless opportunity to express your creativity as a filmmaker.

 How to Use Your Imagination for Elopement Video?

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Elopement videography is not elitist, elopements are intimate and personal. elopement filmmakers have the opportunity to work with their clients in a way that is close and special. This can allow for greater creativity from elopement wedding video team members who may otherwise see themselves as constrained by more traditional production standards of larger events or weddings. Elopement videographers also get to experiment with different angles, lighting, and techniques than they might normally use because of the intimacy of elopements which often do not require large crews or budgets. You should find interesting elopement spots and capture intimate, raw moments between bride and groom to capture their magical elopement day. 

Help Yourself With Travel Guides

Travel guides are great way to get ideas, how to impress

How to Break Into Wedding Videography?

You want to start elopement videography, but you’re not sure where to begin. There are many places where you can learn videography and related skills like video editing. For example, YouTube is an endless source. But, how to separate valuable content from marketing fluff, how to separate great advice from random affiliate marketing fluff?

I have Da Vinci Resolve, one of best programs for video editing. But I was struggling to find really usefull training. There was plenty of 20 minutes videos lying around, but I was looking for a systematic course that would show all detailes from beggining until end.

How MZed Pro Can Help You Become Destination Wedding Videographer? 

I found MZed Pro as best source for videography, video editing, filmmaking etc. For example:

  • The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve by Ollie Kenchington is the best introduction to Da Vinci Resolve.
  • Ray Roman, the world’s most influential elopement videographer will show you how it’s done in his masterclass. It teaches how to capture special moment, which toold to use, how to organize yourself. While his course is oriented for classical weddings, you can use it for intimate wedding. This workshop will cover everything from shooting techniques, lighting, editing, and marketing strategies. This one is a gold mine.
  • For those who want to start their YouTube channel, YouTube guru Kitty Peters guides you through the entire process, from choosing a niche, setting up your studio, breaking through the constant challenges, and figuring out how to make money along the way.
  • Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass will reveal secrets of movie making from visual storytelling, interview, slow motion, aerial drone shoots, story and post production.
  • In order to do final touch on your elopement films, you can lern color grading with Ollie Kenchington Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve. Filled with practical examples will show you, how to color grade to produce true cinematic video while maintaining beautifull bride skin ton. After all, bride is the most important person on wedding day.

What is Best Equipment for Destination Wedding Videographer?

As adventure elopement requires traveling, you need to pack light. Elopement location may require flying. You should keep your camera, batteries, memory sticks and lenses in your backpack and never, ever separate from yourself. You can survive loosing your gimbal or tripod, but you cannot shoot big day on iphone.

Mirrorless cameras like Fuji XT4 are specially suitable. As Fuji XT4 is APSC camera, their lenses tend to be lighter and smaller than full frame alternatives. Depending upon your cinematic style, you may opt for set of primes or professional zooms. Primes have optical advantage, while zooms give you a lot of flexibility.

When choosing lenses, you have 4 options:

  • Slower original lenses, e.g. Fuji XF 35mm f2
  • Third party lenses, e.g. Viltrox 23mm f1.4
  • Zoom lenses, for example XF 16-55mm f2.8
  • Fast original lenses, e.g. Fuji XF 35 f1.4 (this is photographers choice!)

Viltrox produces affordable set of primes that are light and at f1.4 fast enough for indoor use. Their lens are great choice for videography. They may suffer from chromatic aberration.

Slower Fuji f2 lenses like 35f2 are smaller and have faster focus. They are much lighter and more suitable for video production. These are great all round lenses. For wedding video production you probably do not need shallower depth of field of f1.4 anyway.

Photographers may prefer fast lens like 35mm f1.4 or 56 f1.2. Photographers may utilize shallower depth of field for artistic photography. But, you may struggle to utilize this in stressful event like wedding. You do not get second shoots there!

If you prefer zoom lenses, go for fast f2.8 lenses as f4.0 is going to be too slow for indoor use. XF 16-55mm f2.8 is exellent lens, but a bit heavy. XF 16-80mm f4.0 is great lens for outdoor use. In that case, take another fast lens for indoor use, for example XF 23mm f1.4.

Final word

So, what are you waiting for? Become an elopement wedding videographer! As eloping couples are becoming more popular, elopment weddings will only continue to grow. And with the many benefits of elopements and destination weddings, there’s never been a better time to get in on this trend- especially if you want your own business venture that is unique from others in the industry. With all these opportunities available for elopment videographers, this could be exellent starting point for your career, so don’t hesitate any longer.